Mike's E-Town Cameras

I have 2 Stardot IP cameras online now.  More will be added as I have time.  I purchased a Stardot video server which will enable me to use standard analog video cameras which are be less expensive for secondary uses.

Dir & last 10 images

24 Hr Time Lapse Video
Cam_1: most recent view of Lucky Jim Bluff, the valley and trees as seen looking south from the deck of homestead.  T (login: guest/guest-a work in progress)  Camera is a Stardot Netcam 5MP SC with a 4-12 mm manual zoom.  Stills are throttled back to 1024x768 to limit files sizes.  It is about 3.1 miles to the top of Lucky Jim from this view.
Dir & last 10 images
Cam_4: most recent view across the Methow River Valley below Edelweiss toward Krumm RoadGoat Creak Road  /  Panasonic BL-C140A (640x480 jpg)  The camera is a Stardot Netcam XL 3MP with motorized 8-48mm 1-1.2 lens.  Stills are 1024x768 jpg's and are updated from dawn to dusk.   It is 2 miles across the valley to fields in view.
McClure-Cam WebCam Images from McClure Mountain, Twisp, WA
Pics of Interest Directory of interesting web or weather cam saved images

Other interesting Weather Station and/or Webcams

McClure Mountain Webcam, Twisp, WA

Click image for a current view, or click on Directory for recent or best of series.

Diablo Dam, Diablo, WA, North Cascades Hwy, weather station here and  Seattle City Light has a weather station also at their company town, Newhalem, WA Tours available - Video

Click image for a current view, wonderful at night also, (my fav pic), 24 hr time lapse

Newhalem's town webcam with a Weather Station.  Newhalem has a general store and wonderful heated and very clean 7/24 restrooms and is a great stop midway through the drive across the North Cascades.

Click image for a current view, 24 hr time lapse video

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